“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

Professional Poker Education & Staking

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High-quality education

No financial risk

Become a poker pro

What we do

We grow professional players

We offer professional online poker education and staking for Spin&Gos and Heads-up Sit&Gos. If you dream about becoming a professional player and are committed to work hard to achieve that goal, we might be the right place for you. We consider ourselves a dynamic and open-minded community that facilitates individual development as well as collective growth and success. In order to reach the highest stakes in poker, it’s essential to be surrounded by like-minded people, and to be part of a great team with a supportive atmosphere.

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Who we are

Our coaches

Martin aka “Mr.Vendetta”

  • Masters degree in Economics with specialisation in Game Theory
  • From $0.25 to $100 Spin&Gos within one year
  • Current Limit: $500 Spin&Gos

Felipe aka „piupz“

  • Expert in breaking down complex concepts
  • Next-level GTO solver usage
  • Current Limit: $500 Spin&Gos

Cory aka “Spl0dg3”

  • Professional Data Scientist
  • 8 years experience of coaching players at the highest limits (up to $5k buy-in)
  • Current Limit: $250 Spin&Go

Tilo aka “Epistokrat”

  • Full-time world traveler
  • Professional poker player since 2010
  • Current Limit: Up to $215 Heads-up
    SNGs & MTTs

What we offer

Our services

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High-quality coaching

  • ✓ 4+ live group sessions every week
  • ✓ Separate sessions for lower and higher stakes players
  • ✓ Complementing coaching mix of theory and exploitative sessions
  • ✓ Regular mindset coaching
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Distinguished preflop charts & HUDs

  • ✓ Charts for different stakes
  • ✓ Charts for different opponent types
  • ✓ Designed based on population tendencies
  • ✓ Compact and extensive HUDs
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Extensive video library

  • ✓ 1000+ Videos
  • ✓ Detailed breakdowns of all spots
  • ✓ Basic videos & advanced analysis
  • ✓ ~5 new videos per week
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Full staking & attractive bonus programs

  • ✓ Full staking for all limits (we take all of the financial risk, you never have to invest your own money)
  • ✓ Partner Program for high stakes players
  • ✓ Volume bonus program for monthly income boost
  • ✓ Referral bonus program for additional monthly payments
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Growing community

  • ✓ Active strategy discussion section
  • ✓ Positive and supportive environment
  • ✓ Mentoring program with high-stakes players
  • ✓ Regular community motivational challenges
“If you really want to do something,
you will find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find
an excuse.”

Why trust us

Successful students

Have a look at the recent results of two of our VIP players who both joined CardGrinders as complete Spin&Go beginners and are now professional players at the highest stakes.

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“Being a poker pro gives me the financial freedom and independence that I was always looking for in my life. As part of CardGrinders I was able to reach that goal much faster than I would have ever imagined.”

“Playing professional poker for me is in short about discipline, networking, an endless curiosity about the game and solid theory foundations. At CG you will be able to find ways to your self-development in all of those areas”

Poker graph, that shows the progress of one of our poker players

What we stand for

Our values

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  • We require all of our students to play by the rules and don’t tolerate any cheating
  • We apply fair business practice and always seek to create win-win situations with our students
  • We value long-term relationships over short-term profit maximization
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  • We ensure a friendly and positive environment that makes the path of a poker professional much more enjoyable
  • We appreciate and encourage the regular and mutually beneficent exchange between players of all limits
  • We consider the supportive aspect of being in a great team critical for achieving long term success in this otherwise individual game
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  • We focus on transmitting knowledge as efficiently as possible
  • We apply the highest standards to our coaches and ensure that all of the coaches are exceptional poker players
  • We continuously work on further improving our offers with the same persistence we except of our students

Who we work with

Our partners

What we expect from you

Our requirements

We are always looking for new players who are aligned with our philosophy and a good fit for the CardGrinders community. You should be ambitious, hard-working, and dedicated towards the goal of excellence in poker. Be aware that making it to the top is a long journey and requires exceptional discipline and a good work ethic. We value reliability, regular communication, and a positive mindset. You don’t need to be a poker master yet; it’s our mission to help you become one. If you are ready to face the challenge, we are looking forward to your application!